Perussis Angel

Perussis Angel

This angel is adapted from the small angel featured on the middle left of the Perussis Altarpiece, by an unknown French painter in 1480. They say it is from the circle of Nicolaus Froment. According to an inscription on the lost original frame, the painting was made in 1480 for Aloisius Rudolphe de Pérussis, whose family coat of arms and motto are displayed on the side panels. The landscape shows views around Avigon.

The original painting is kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

My actual painting is in the shape of an arch. I intended to place her within a panel with two half arch doors but I decided I liked her better on her own.

The Perussis Altarpiece

This is the original painting of the Perussis Altarpiece. You can see my angel just to the left of the centre panel. This time I didn’t try to copy her exactly but she took on a form of her own.