Four in a Boat

Four in a Boat

This is my copy of an original 1340 AD painting from the Codex Manesse, kept at Heidelberg University.  I painted it in acrylic on a gessoed background, then placed it in a huge gilded frame.

The Codex Manesse is the most comprehensive source of Middle High German love poetry and ballads. It was written and illustrated for the Manesse family in Zurich between 1304 and 1340. There are 426 parchment leaves containing about 6000 verses and 134 glorious, full-colour miniature paintings, depicting the poets.

I like this Codex because it is not about religious imagery but everyday life. There are nobles, knights off to battle, jousts, battles and lovers. It is currently held by the University Library of Heidelberg. For reasons of preservation the original codex is kept in an air-conditioned safe and is rarely exhibited.

Every page in the Codex Manesse is available for viewing online.

This is the original manuscript page from the Codex Manesse (Herr Niune, Cod. Pal. germ. 848, Bl. 319r, 1305 -1340)