Gilded Icon – The Three Angels

The Three Angels at Abraham’s Table

The Hospitality of Abraham icon was created in 1425 by the famous Russian painter Andrei Rublev. He painted it for the abbot of Trinity Monastery in Russia. It depicts the three strangers who visit Abraham as told in Genesis 18:1-15. It is Rublev’s most famous work and the most famous of all Russian icons, regarded as one of the highest achievements of Russian art.

It is now kept in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

This was one of my first attempts to recreate a medieval painting and it is certainly not my best work. My goal is to learn how to use egg tempera so that my brushstrokes are not crude but fine and delicate. Acrylic is sometimes like painting with Picasso and a house paint brush. Egg tempera allows you to control the line with just a small stroke.

This is the magnificent original painting by Andrei Rublev.